Food Offering to All Sentient Beings Donation to Eden Food for Change

Fo Guang Shan Temple of Toronto held its 2021 Emperor Liang’s Repentance Service online from August 14th to the 21st, completing all ten scrolls of the Repentance Ritual. The entire Service ended on the 22nd. There were over 4000 participants who joined the online Service.


On August 24, various non-perishable foods from the Dharma Service's food offering, including noodles, canned foods, biscuits and beverages, were totally over 426 pounds, were donated to the Eden Food for Change, a local food bank.


The Executive Director of Eden Food for Change, Peter Costello, wrote a special thank you letter to theTemple for the generous support – good food for all. He also noted that COVID-19 has greatly impacted our communities and that because of the generous support from theTemple, they are able to continue to help those in need during this difficult time.



Translated by Kelly Liu
Proofread FGS Toronto