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Outstanding Results at the 2016 Toronto FGS Buddhist Examinations

Toronto FGS saw a record number of participants writing the 2016 Buddhist exams. The results were released on December 11 and students with outstanding results were recognized at the 2016 Humanistic Buddhist College Commencement Ceremony on the same day. The participants’ excellent results for each category of the exam are a reflection of their strong understanding of Humanistic Buddhism.


The Chinese Buddhist Exam had 8 seniors who wrote for category D, and all of them scored 90 marks and above and 5 out of the 8 individuals finished with a perfect score.   In category C (Chinese), there were 213 participants and 106 completed with a perfect score.

The English Youth exam had six Buddha’s Light Scout members with a perfect score and thirteen Scouts finished with more than 90 marks. In the 5-7 year old comic category, 14 individuals finished with a perfect score and in the 8-10 year old comic category, 21 individuals completed with a perfect score.


Venerable Yung Ku is most impressed with the 6 students who scored 100 marks in the Chinese category B exam as she noted that this section required a sound understanding of Buddhist concepts and good writing skills. In the Chinese category A, participants had to submit an 800-1200 word reflection essay on the book Humanistic Buddhism: "Holding True to The Original Intents of Buddha" prior to the exam and answer a “self-chosen theoretical question” in 500-800 words. During the exam, an additional 10 questions were to be completed. The result had thirteen individuals with excellent results above 90 marks.