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t’s a Colourful World

In an effort to build the relationship between its members, BLIA Toronto Mississauga Subchapter 1 organized a “How to Care for Your Garden” online gardening workshop on June 20. Ms. Hong Liu was invited to conduct the workshop where she shared how to create a vertical garden using bags or flower pouches. Members learned how to decorate their front yard and back yard with these beautiful flower bags.


Ms. Liu began the session by explaining how she interacts with the plants to better understand them, and how this is an important foundation to gardening. She shared the variety of flowers most suited for a flower bag. Even strawberries and cherry tomato plants can be planted in bags. She further taught how to properly care for the plants by sharing detailed information on soil, cultivation practice, plant care, and watering. She concluded the session by answering audience questions.


The advising Venerable Miao Tsun left a remark online: “Flower pouches not only beautify the environment, they also enhance one’s quality of life.”