The 6th Meadowvale Scouts Group Spring Camp

Scouting is generally an outdoor activity and adventure to enjoy. There are many challenges in planning and executing and outdoor camping adventure. Shifting natural conditions and phenomena may have to be factored into the planning.


This past year, the COVID-19 Pandemic has brought even greater challenges to the scouting world.


The 6th Meadowvale Scouts Group was resilient and adopted new and innovative ways to meet the challenge head on. As the dark days of winter gives way to the warm spring sunshine, all forms of life spring up to take their place on earth. The 6th Meadowvale Scouts, Scouters, and parents alike are such spring creatures as we habitually spring to life and explore nature during our Spring Break Camping Adventures.


But this year was different. Covid-19 restrictions and safety concerns mandated that we do things differently.


With the encouragement from the Advising Venerable Ru An and Group Commissioner, Ken Choi, 6th Meadowvale Scouts organized the first and ever virtual Group spring camp.


In keeping with the annual tradition, the 6th Meadowvale Scouts group had a Virtual Spring Camp on March 28, 2021. Using innovation and creativity, each section in the group shared their usual (pre-pandemic) scouting activities.


Beaver Section:

Always busy in the spring but shared a wonderful “Bird Watching Video”. This was an excellent example of our “leave no trace and DO NOT Disturb the natural environment” mantra embodied in scouting. The spirit of sharing was also conveyed in the video: Helping the novice bird watcher spot a bird.

Scouter Vivian’s natural sourced binoculars will be a hit with young ones this spring.


Cub section:

They always stick together in a pack. Scouter Joanna’s sticky peanut butter bird feeder creativity exemplifies the Cubs motto of staying in a pack. What else you are stuck together! As scouts, the demonstration of a natural bird feeder reminds us of how to commune with nature and lend a helping hand. Being compassionate towards all beings is part of the scouts promise and character.


Scout Section:

Thank you, Scouter Christopher, for bringing memories and hope to the scouting future with a montage of our past scouting adventures. The collection of videos and photos surely brought us back to the old days and the ending was emotional: “Till will meet gain”! Yes, we will indeed!

Scouter Barry and Scouter John gave the group a brain teaser with their trivia questions. The youth were the masters on this one. Scouting is to enable youth to develop intellectual skills to comprehend everyday life situations.

Through out these difficult times, we have witnessed our youth grow and embrace the Six Dimensions of Personal Development in accordance with the Canadian Path.


Ventures Section:

The section has been virtually very active in using their Social media Prowers and know-how to organize regular meetings and planning activities. They have exemplified the SPICES model of the Canadian Path. Youth- Led initiative and the Plan-Do- Review aspects of the program.

Everyone has witnessed tremendous youth growth, leadership, confidence, organization skills, and character development during these virtual sessions.

For our Spring Group Camp, their presentation was of Fire Making and how to make a Friendship knot.

Fire: they said indicated live.

Friendship knot: Close knit togetherness

The Spring Camp really brought the group together in sharing activities that rarely do in an in-person spring camp.

All the presentations touched on the Canadian Path model of SPICES.


Social—the virtual spring camp demonstrated everyone’s commitment to the principle of scout family social activity of having fun in a safe environment.

Physical-this was mental as was demonstrated by the trivia questions

Intellectual- the trivia questions brought everyone to think out of the box or concrete block

Character- all the effort and discipline that went into making the presentations

Emotional—The videos, the pictures of our past adventures and activities was very touching and reminded of simple things we take for granted until they are taken away.

Spiritual—During our virtual spring camp, and all our other virtual meetings, the Venerable has been there to remind us to stay the cause and be diligent despite the challenges we face.


Let’s hope that the spring fire we lit this year will keep us in our warm circle.

Let’s hope the friendship knot will keep our Scouts group tightly together.

Till we meet in person again!


- Jackson Langat