Celebrate Buddha’s birthday with Elders – BLIA Toronto Caring Group Virtual Program

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began last year, the BLIA Toronto Caring Group utilized technology to conduct the monthly visits for Scarborough Yee Hong Nursing home via zoom. On May 4th, there are 14 team members from the eastern region along with Guiding Venerable, Ven. Miao Tsun prepared a special program for residents to celebrate Mother’s Day and the Buddha’s Birthday. A total of 57 people participated.


The caring group handpicked songs that praising maternal love, also bought carnations and presented to all female residents in front of the screen, to thank their contribution to the family. Venerable Miao Tsun used PowerPoint with vivid illustrations to introduce the Life of the Buddha, and explain the origin and meaning of Bathing Buddha. In the end, everyone listened to the “Prayers for Buddha’s Birthday,” and enjoyed the Bathing Buddha video that was thoughtfully prepared by the group.


Members of the caring group were very delighted to virtually meet all residents again, knowing that they are safe and well.