The Children & Youth English Dharma Class - Spring Festival Celebration Short Video Project

Fo Guang Shan Temple of Toronto Children & Youth English Dharma Class, students from Toronto and Detroit produced four beautiful Spring Festival celebration short videos together. The contents closely follow the new year greetings from Venerable Master Hsing Yun: "Cultivate a heart that blooms in all seasons", "Good affinity brings good luck", "A world filled with happiness; auspicious coexistence"., The students applied the concept of "Three Acts of Goodness" in the video creation processes.


With the help of teachers, the class showed their imagination and creativity. The first episode is "Do good deeds", a film about developing a broad and good affinity with others; the teenagers designed and planned their ideal life scenes, showing that only by working on the hearts can they harvest the "flower of wisdom".


In the second episode, the children's group dressed in Chinese clothes and presented a "Congratulations" New Year piano melody, with lovely innocent smiles and greetings to practice "Speak Good Words".


For the third episode, the youth group demonstrated "Speak Good Words" and "Good affinity brings good luck"; showing that finding one's own life in a group is about being kind to others.


The fourth episode is based on the theme of "Think Good Thoughts". The youth group uses humorous metaphors from different perspectives such as between people and nature, people and universe, etc. Only by respecting all can we achieve harmonious interpersonal relations, affable one's mind, and a world filled with happiness and auspicious coexistence.