Dharma Day Celebration – The World’s First Online Reading Group Sharing Across Time and Space

After several months of preparation by the 27 North America BLIAs, the 2020 North America Humanistic Buddhist Reading Association Study Group Sharing event was held on YouTube in the evening of November 21, 2020. Nearly 600 book lovers joined this online event that transcends across time and space.


This event had the honor of inviting Head Abbot of Fo Guang Shan Monastery and BLIA HQ President Venerable Hsin Bao, along with BLIA HQ Acting President Venerable Tzu Jung, to give it advice and affirmation. Humanistic Buddhism HQ Director Venerable Chueh Pei was present to provide guidance. Director of FGS Foundation for Buddhist Culture and Education Venerable Yi Kong also gave an exciting speech on “Speaking about reading.


8 videos from different North America BLIA were shared. These videos were selected through preliminary reviews by 10 judges and re-selected by Venerable Chueh Pei. The videos were unique in their own ways, proving that reading group sharing can be done in many ways, such as through short briefings, videos, actual implementations, conversations, music, forums, dramas etc. During the event, Professor Peng from the Humanistic Buddhism Reading Association Headquarter re-emphasized the importance and the core value of reading is to understand and implement correct values through reading.


Venerable Yi Kong used the topic “Speaking about reading” to emphasize that one should never give up reading, and that spirituality is as important as materiality.