Faith and Legacy Celebrating Buddha’s Birthday at Home

To celebrate Buddha’s birthday and to implement faith inheritance, BLIA-Toronto specially held the “Faith and Legacy - Celebrating Buddha’s Birthday at Home” event. Members were encouraged to set up a Buddha bathing pool at home and bathing Buddha with the whole family on this special day. Furthermore, members also took video clips to share the joy of celebrating Buddha’s birthday with the public.


On May 16, after the “Virtual Celebration of Buddha’s Birthday Service,” Venerable Chueh Fan, the Abbess of FGS Temple of Toronto, shared the video during her Dharma lecture. 453 members participated online and celebrated the Buddha’s birthday together.


The video showcased more than 50 members’ sincere and creative way of celebrating Buddha’s birthday. Including various colorful and solemn Buddha bathing pools, offerings incense, flowers, fruits, food to respect the Buddha, family gathering together in harmony to prostrate to the Buddha, and creative birthday cards presented to the Buddha. The video touched everyone’s heart as it shows the faith and legacy among Fo Guang People.


Venerable Chueh Fan also shared Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s article “How to Commemorate Buddha’s Birthday”, that was published in 1952 Life magazine, to state that to celebrate and commemorate Buddha’s birthday, we should have the right faith in understanding Buddha’s history, personality, and doctrine. She also pointed out that when bathing the Buddha, we can cleanse the greed, anger, foolishness, and proudness we have in our hearts with the help of Buddha’s merits, benevolence, and wisdom. At the same time, we should vow to improve our faith by further studying the Dharma, carrying out the Three Goodness and Four Givings in our daily lives, and learning how to be compassionate and be helpful to others.