Filled with Young Dharma Joy


Toronto Children English Dharma Class


The First FGS Toronto Children’s English Dharma Online Class


Our first online class for the Fall 2020 FGS Toronto Children’s English Dharma class started on October 10.  26 enthusiastic students, aged 4 to 12, joined via Zoom with Venerable Ru An and five teachers. Our icebreaking session was awesome.  Students told teachers how they had been diligently practicing the three acts of goodness during the pandemic.  


This term we will be using short educational and interesting films as a platform to teach the Three Acts of Goodness and Buddha Dharma to children. All the students enjoyed learning the Dharma from Saturday’s film and responded with “thumbs up” reactions. Afterwards, we put students into breakout rooms for team discussions on the film.  The three teams (team Confidence, team Joy and team Hope) showed their understanding of the film’s teaching on love, compassion, forgiving and being grateful. 


A joyful family event session followed the discussion.  Teacher Petecia had students, parents and teachers on their feet and laughing as they exercised and stretched out their muscles from sitting.  Students ended the class with big smiles on their faces!


Sharing from Children:

Madelyn: I babysat my cousin

Nolan: I made breakfast for my mom

Lillian: I say thank you to por por when she gave me oranges.

Nolan: I prayed for the pandemic to end soon

Hana: I folded the clothes for everyone in my family

Oliver: clean up couch and mom’s bed

Andy: I washed dishes for my dad

Leo: I cleaned my room

Will: I washed dishes, told my friend not to give up, and thought positive

Edward: I helped mom to cook

April: I read books for my brother

Sean: I shared biscuit with my sister Claire

Chloe and London: My mom was cooking lunch then she fell ill so my brother and I took over and finished cooking for her.


If you would like to register your child for our online Children's English Dharma Class, please visit the following link to sign up!