Fo Guang Shan Online Parent-Child English Dharma Class

The Dharma class theme on October 31 was "Patience and Persistence". An educational video was shown to provide a real-life example that inspired children to learn to be successful, and taught that one does not need to exceed their opponents but exceed themselves.


Twenty-three children and parents participated online. During the small group discussions, the children actively participated and responded enthusiastically. Children shared their experiences on persistence, learning and practicing piano for three years, practicing swimming and similar experiences.


In facing difficulties, the children were encouraged to never give up, try their best, think positively, and be happy and grateful for opportunities to learn and grow. These positive mindsets won the admiration and praise of teachers and parents.


October 31 was also Halloween. Children shared their Halloween costume pictures, which expressed their energetic and creative natures.


Translated by Ami Tran

Proofread by Gregg Astoorian