Happy Mother’s Day – Fo Guang Shan Temple of Toronto Chinese School

To celebrate Mother’s Day and inspiring students to understand their mother’s selfless dedication for them and the family, under the guidance of Monastic Advisor Venerable Ruxing, teachers prepared a variety of Mother’s Day interactive activities via the internet for students.


This year, in the kindergarten class, the parents of the kids had carried the heaviest burden. It is because due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all classes are conducted online, it is a great challenge for these little kids’ concentration.


Most mothers had to accompany their kids throughout the entire class. To thank all mothers for their hard work and devotion, the teacher designed a special “questionnaire” consisting of questions like what is your mother’s favorite food; what is your mother’s favorite color; what is your mother’s favorite things to do, etc. The warm and interactive activity helps the kids to know more about their mothers.


In the conversation class, students made Mother’s Day greeting cards for their mothers. Under the guidance of their teacher, children used colored papers to fold beautiful tulips for their mothers. Students also made Mother’s Day cards in the basic class and decorated them with beautiful flower patterns for their mothers. In this class, students are more proficient in Chinese, so they expressed their gratitude to their mother in Chinese during the sharing session.


In the elementary class, parents and teacher were very touched when the students recite the Tang poem “Song of The Parting Son” with an articulate pronunciation and sincere mind. For students in the intermediate class, not only speak Chinese accurately but also write sentences and poems in Chinese. They wrote their poems for their mothers and each poem contained their gratitude and blessings for their mothers.


The online Mother’s Day celebration consolidating Chinese learning with activities, moreover, students also learn more about how to express their caring for their parents.