Humanistic Buddhism Reading Association of Toronto Sharing on How to Apply the Dharma in Daily Life

Since the pandemic started in March, 30 study groups from the Humanistic Buddhism Reading Association of Toronto have continued their meetings with the help of new technology and the Buddha’s Light TV’s iBuddha program, a multimedia platform offering various Buddhist teachings. Between July and September, the Humanistic Buddhism Reading Association has organized three online meetings where representatives from each study group shared their learnings with each other. On September 13, there was also an online sharing to the public during the period of the Sunday Online Dharma Service. Six representatives were specially selected to share their learnings and experiences which was live streamed on YouTube and Zoom. A total of 254 members participated in this live meeting.


One of the representatives, Mr. John Lu, shared that his group had read the Heart Sutra and the Exhortation To Resolve Upon Bodhi. Another representative, Ms. Monica Kong, shared her group's reading of Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s one stroke calligraphy “Letting Go”. Ms. Aiqing Liu shared their reading of the Absence of Greed from The Shastra on the Door to Understanding the Hundred Dharmas. Ms. Guixiang Wang spoke of her realizations on reading the Diamond Sutra, and Mr. Yuan Cai talked about his group’s learnings from Master Hsing Yun’s “A Commentary on the Diamond Sutra''. Last but not least, Mr. Hu Chen shared how reading the “Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch'' helped his group members to search for their true nature. Their presentations were rich and insightful, and fully demonstrated the process of “listen, contemplate, cultivate, realize.” Many participants felt that they benefited greatly from this meeting, as seen from the many likes and messages left on the message board.