The Insight of Back to Basic Humanistic College English Dharma Class – “Humanistic Buddhism: Practice in Action”

Students’ Sharing:

I was pleased and fortunate to be able to participate in the first of a series of English Dharma Classes focusing on Buddhist practice and Humanistic Buddhism. I found the focus on Humanistic Buddhism during this time of pandemic most beneficial. The fact that we are encouraged to isolate oneself during this time but at the same moment wanting to reach out for the benefit of others can be challenging. However Humanistic Buddhism guides us to share the wisdom and understanding of impermanence and patience. Using technology to facilitate communication and support to others is very helpful in this cause. I look forward to the remaining classes and this virtual Sanga and thank FGS and the Venerables for their great compassion.
– Martyn Knowles


The special evening that started the first session of a series of Buddhism class – taught by Venerable Chueh Fan. To begin the session, a few of us were invited, including our special friends Ina and Angelica from Orlando, to share our individual experience during this pandemic and how we have applied Buddhism to help us through the darkest moments of our fear, anger and loss, and, how many of us have, during this very challenging time also reached out to others and experienced the true meaning of being connected as one and a sense of community.
Venerable Chueh Fan walked us through as to what Humanistic Buddhism means and what defines it. Venerable Chueh Fan reminded us that Humanistic Buddhism and Buddhism are one and the same, it means being engaged and active in the community, to seek to benefit others, to bring joy and happiness to our family, to the community and to the world, it is the path to take us to the glimpse of our own enlightenment in everyday life. The Humanistic Buddhism is never meant for us to retreat in the forest, or in isolation but to be fully engaged in our lives and to benefit humanity.
– Grace Listkowski


Thoughts on the English Dharma Class:
After attending my first English dharma class, I cannot express how happy I am. I am beyond thankful for Venerable Chueh Fan for spending her time to share her vast knowledge on humanistic Buddhism in order for us to grow spiritually. Despite the pandemic, I enjoy learning new ways to become more ethically sound and in turn help others in need. I believe that no matter how difficult life is, we as a whole should be aware of our thoughts and actions. This can be done through these dharma classes by growing our wisdom each and everyday. Although online classes are not the most ideal method, I want to get the most out of this class. Once again, I am extremely grateful for Fo Guan Shan’s effort to host these classes.
– Charles Hsieh


The coronavirus pandemic may cause temporary Temple closure, but it cannot deter me from my spiritual cultivation. Other than completing my school work, I try to practice observing mindfulness in day-to-day life. During isolation, I realize that a mind at ease during times of uncertainty foster courage and strength to confront setbacks. Online English Dharma class is like a “virtual” Dharma abode where the joy of learning and friendliness of my fellow students are wonderfully contagious. “Practice in Action” reminds me to self-introspect whether or not have I implemented principles of Humanistic Buddhism propagated by Master Hsing Yun. I am most grateful for this opportunity to access the Temple community via video conferencing. The dedication I witness from my fellow classmates motivates me to be diligent. A big shout out to the Abbess, Venerable Chueh Fan, for facilitating such meaningful class with personal insights. I look forward to an “action-packed” learning experience in the weeks to come. May health and happiness be with everyone!
– Angel Hsieh