Launch of “The Three Acts of Goodness” Children Audio Book

“The Three Acts of Goodness” children audio book is based on Venerable Tze Hui’s book, “When Smartness Encounters Wisdom.” This book is a collection of stories that can stimulate a child’s interest in reading, as well as nurturing their temperaments and virtues. Through the stories and their animated voices, children learn about compassion, wisdom and gratitude. Furthermore, “The Three Acts of Goodness” audio story can be used as a form of teaching material for the parents to interact with their children, thus enhancing their relationship with each other and forming positive bonding within the family.


Last September, Fo Guang Shan Temple of Toronto and BLIA Toronto Chapter collaborated to create an English audio book, “Dharma Verse” and received many positive reviews and feedback. In response to such positive feedback, the temple introduced an audio book collection for children – “The Three Acts of Goodness” on Fo Guang Shan Temple of Toronto YouTube channel as of Lunar New Year, February 12.


The English audio book, “Dharma Verse” was produced by The Radiant Legacy sub-chapter of Toronto together with YAD last September amid the pandemic, and the Abbess, Venerable Chueh Fan revealed that many people have benefited from it. “The Three Acts of Goodness” audio book that was released on February 12 was produced by Da Jue Subchapter. The youthful members of Da Jue Subchapter are full of talents. They felt that growing up in a western society, it is rather difficult to learn Chinese. Therefore, they have chosen Venerable Tze Hui’s book as a teaching tool to stir up young children’s interest in the Chinese language. The narrator of the book was Qiana Xing, a young member of Da Jue Subchapter. She alone narrated multiple roles in the story book. The post-production was done by Rachel Zhang. We hope that with the release of these audio stories, children can acquire more wisdom in their life and be inspired to learn more Chinese as well.


Each episode of “The Three Acts of Goodness” audio book is based on a different story. Started from February 12, a new episode is released every other Friday. We invite everyone to check it out on our website at or on our YouTube channel and share with us your feedback.