Online Video Editing Class - Promotes Three Acts of Goodness Microfilm Contest

On March 5, 2021, the BLIA Toronto Da Tzi sub-chapter held an online video editing class. A total of 78 members registered to learn video editing.


Irene Chai, the volunteer of the temple IT group, English translation group, and Chinese school, was the instructor. The class was lively, fun, and constant interaction with students. Irene said, “Making a short video is just like cooking. Ingredients, seasonings, and stovetop are needed as well as computers or mobile terminals.


The class consisted of teaching basic concepts of video editing and gave the students hands-on experiences. Irene shared her computer screen to show the students how to execute functions such as, insert, delete, subtitle and background music, etc.


Sub-Chapter’s advisor, Venerable Miao Tsun praised the sub-chapter for organizing such an amazing class for members and thanked the instructor for leading everyone to learn various skills.


Sub-chapter President, Emily Wang, stated that the two-and-a-half-hour class went by so fast. She was touched by Irene’s thoughtfulness and consideration. She encouraged everyone should constantly practice and have the courage to try.


Over 83% of attendees had no prior experiences of video editing. The sub-chapter summarized and answered various questions about software installation, material downloading, use of software, and completion of homework after class. The students also expressed their rewards and thanked the sub-chapter officers for their dedication, consideration, and warm care.