Richmond Hill Sub-chapter 2
Second Workshop on Vegetarian Food and its Benefits


On July 6, Richmond Hill Subchapter 2 organized its second online “Vegetarian Food and its Benefits” workshop. More than 70 participants attended the workshop. They included advising Venerable Ru An, BLIA Vice Presidents Kevin Cao and Kim Chen, Advisors Ms. Ida Li, and BLIA Executive members. The program was led by Vivian Lam, a registered dietician. The topic was: How to maintain a balanced diet for people living with diabetes and hypertension.

It is important for people living with diabetes to monitor their sugar levels and carbohydrate intake. They should eat more vegetables, and foods with high fiber and protein. Carbohydrates should not be more than 1/4 of their total calorie intake. For people with hypertension, they need to control the amount of salt in their diet. Foods with trans fat, saturated fat and prepackaged meals should be avoided due to their high salt content. Vivian also recommended a few easy-to-prepare meals and snacks which were well received by the participants. She also answered many questions.

Venerable Ru An expressed that having a balanced diet is consistent with the middle path of Buddhist teachings. She cited Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s saying of “increasing inflow but limiting outflow” to illustrate the idea of achieving a life of self-mastery. She also said that as practitioners we must be open and develop our humility and gratitude, remember that a healthy diet is a balanced diet, and develop our eating habits to practice eradicating greed and animosity.