Saturday Oasis Study Group

People often complain, "The burden of life is becoming too heavy to carry!" or "The stress I am facing is getting to be too much for me!". Many of us are disturbed by worries. Venerable Master Hsing Yun pointed out that: “Buddhism teaches us that in dealing with wealth and honor, or family and children, we should regard them as one would a piece of luggage. When we need it, we should pick it up and take it with us; when we do not need it anymore, we have to put it down and let go.” – To Be Free of Worries


Now, in the midst of so much uncertainty, maybe we are lost in distance but never in heart. Our temple has started an online study group "Saturday Oasis Study Group", to meet our Dharma friends and share the Dharma.


On April 25th, 26 people joined the first online study group.


The topic of the week: “Finding Peace in Uncertain Times”.

The article sharing was “To Be Free of Worries” written by Venerable Master Hsing Yun. How and what to let go and pick up? 


Below are sharing and thoughts from our Dharma friends:
• Once you have done all you can to address the subject of your worries it is best to distance from the act of worrying. It is better to take the opportunity to support others and yourself in a constructive and positive way.


• Worry is a reaction to fear and anxiety, which is particularly acute in the current situation. There is little use in worrying about things we have no control over. Instead, we should re-focus this energy on taking actions on things that we do have control over.


• Letting go does not mean we no longer care, rather, it means to “go with the flow” and to accept things as they come and as they are. It also means being in the present moment.


• Compassion is particularly important now. Compassion is proactive, where we can use the right action to help bring relief of suffering and support to ourselves and others. This can be done through reaching out to others by checking-in on how they are doing, simple generosity such as sharing, finding your community, and self-care.


• We also need to acknowledge our blessings and show gratitude to all the frontline workers and essential workers who are there to support us – we are in this together.