Scarborough Sub Chapter Sings Buddhist Hymns on Zoom

Scarborough Subchapters 1 and 2 organized a “Let’s Sing Buddhist Hymns Night” on June 28. BLIA Executive member Ms. Betty Young was the host of the program. 26 members participated, including subchapter members, BLIA executive members, Buddha’s Light Choir teacher Ms. Jennifer Lee and members of the choir. Ms. Young started by sharing some popular Buddhist hymns by prominent performers. She explained that all the hymns can be performed in any language and any folk rhyme. Singing Buddhist hymns helps one to memorize them better, and are also a way to relax and release one’s emotions. During the pandemic when we are confined to our homes most of time, it is an excellent relaxation technique.

Venerable Miao Mu pointed out that we sing Buddhist hymns not only to better memorize the words but emphasized that we need to understand their meaning in order to aid in our Buddhist cultivation.