Sharing of Orchid Planting Techniques and Experience

BLIA Toronto Mississauga 1 and 2 Subchapters held a virtual “Orchid Planting and Maintenance” talk on the afternoon of April 17. They invited Ms. Wendy Lai, who is an experienced volunteer at Fo Guang Shan Temple of Toronto, to share orchid planting techniques and experience with all members. There were almost 100 participants at this event.


Wenda shared that the reason she started caring for orchid plants was when she visited the library in the Buddha’s Light Centre in Waterloo with a Venerable, she saw some wilting orchids behind the Buddha, and couldn’t bear for them to wilt further; hence she and the Venerable both moved the orchid back to Fo Guang Shan Temple, where she changed the flower pot and watered the orchid with care, leading her to forge an inseparable bond with orchid plants.


She introduced the topic of the natural habitat, the required conditions for orchids to grow, and tips on what to pay attention to when planting orchids. The tips included, such as sufficient lighting, good ventilation, appropriate pot type, picking the right plant material, appropriate water amount, types of fertilizers, how to change the flower pot, etc. She also explained the key to buying orchids, the blooming season of orchids, how to trim orchids after they bloom and how to plant a new flower stem.


The Subchapters’ Guiding Venerable Miao Tsun stated the fact that Subchapters can overcome challenges posed by Ontario’s stay-at-home order that started on April 17 so to hold this event is an amazing feat. Venerable Miao Tsun thanked Wenda for sharing her orchid planting experience selflessly with everyone so that everyone could understand that to take care of orchids, one has to be equipped with love, care, and patience.