Toronto BLIA Caring for Members with Vegetarian Lunch Boxes

The Waterloo Subchapter of the Toronto Buddha’s Light International Association aimed at extending care to its members and the community during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially to its student members who were in self-isolation on campus at Waterloo University. To ease this isolation, on the afternoon of June 12, 2020, at Waterloo Lotus Tea House, Wang Pu, president of BLIA Waterloo Subchapter, Kin So and Helen Chao, vice-presidents, joined forces with 5 other executive committee members prepared 40 vegetarian lunch boxes for distribution to the students and elderly members of the BLIA Waterloo Subchapter. To ensure hygiene and food safety, the team wore gloves throughout all the cooking steps. As a final touch, they caringly put on the ingredient list and eating instruction labels on every lunch box.


The president of the University of Waterloo Buddha's Light Community Club, Vernon Wang picked up the lunch boxes for distribution to the students who had pre-registered. The feedback from the student members was excellent, with many of them expressing gratitude and appreciation for the warmth and care extended to them by BLIA during the pandemic.