Toronto Reception Team Virtual Gathering -- A Joyous Celebration of Autumn

To welcome the beginning of the autumn season, Fo Guang Shan Temple of Toronto’s Reception Team volunteers held a virtual gathering on November 1, 2020 for a joyous and unique celebration. Venerable Miao Mu and Venerable Miao Tsun joined the group to provide guidance and teachings. With an autumn theme in mind, the 32 attendees shared their unique talents and enjoyed poetry together. The harmonious event enabled everyone to learn from each other and grow together.


The Reception Team volunteers had expressed how they dearly missed meeting each other in person due to the ongoing pandemic prevention policy. This led to the idea of a virtual event to gather everyone together. Venerable Miao Mu mentioned in her opening speech that the autumn comes and goes quickly, and winter snow will be here soon. She quoted a verse by Master Wen Yi “We don’t have to wait for everything to disappear before understanding that everything is empty”. This was to remind attendees that the spring flowers, autumn moons, mountains, rivers and all the beauty of nature are teaching the dharma; and that everyone should learn how to understand the true meaning of Buddhism to cherish the value of life.


Attendees shared a wide variety of updates of the activities in their lives. Some shared pictures of their abundant garden harvest, some shared pictures of gorgeous maple forests, some shared recipes using ingredients that are in season, some recited beautiful autumn poems, and so on. One attendee, Ms. Judy, expressed that she always felt like she was at home whenever she volunteered at the temple before the pandemic, and so attending this celebration made her feel the joy of coming home again.


At the end of the event, Venerable Miao Tsun emphasized that everyone on the Reception Team, no matter their age, is an important member of the volunteer

team who always does their best to care for the temple. She also applauded everyone for displaying Fo Guang Shan’s spirit of the Four Givings by sharing their talents during the event.


Translated by Christine Tan

Proofread by Gregg Astoorian