Virtual Celebration of Chinese Spring Festival with more than 500 People from the Canadian Federal Government

With the increase of Chinese immigrants in Canada, Chinese cultural festivals are being given more attention by the Canadian government; the Cabinet of the Federal Government held a "2021 Lunar New Year Virtual Celebration" at 8pm on February 11, 2021, which was attended by BLIA-Toronto President Mabel Lam. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, 11 Federal Government Ministers, 20 Members of Parliament and more than 500 officials and community representatives also joined the celebration.


The Lunar New Year is a festival celebrated in Asian communities, such as Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans, and other Asian communities. The "2021 Lunar New Year Virtual Celebration" was hosted by three Chinese Canadian Members of Parliament, namely Jean Yip, Shaun Chen and Han Dong. The well wishes and congratulatory comments made by the Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers affirmed the contributions that the Chinese community has made to the mainstream Canadian community at large, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, where the Chinese community donated face masks, provided meal delivery services and many other contributions. They also mentioned that everyone should remain confident and continue to work together to celebrate the Lunar New Year during this difficult time.


The celebratory events that were held, such as the lion eye-dotting ceremony, lion dance, dance performances and other activities, all showcased a strong and unique Chinese cultural atmosphere. Regarding the criticism and discrimination that many Chinese suffered in February 2020 when the pandemic first started, Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade, Mary Ng, invited two successful Chinese immigrants from different generations, Brandt Louie and Associate Director of Toronto SickKids Foundation, Conny Lo, to have a discussion with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on specific impressions of the Lunar New Year, Canadian values and social significance, and the issue of racial discrimination. All three of them expressed that Canada is a multi-cultural country, and racial discrimination will not be tolerated. Only by respecting and accepting different cultures can we become stronger and allow us to all work together to create a future filled with hope and opportunities.