Virtual Mother’s Day Celebration - Yummy Salads dedicated to Mothers Hosted by Mississauga 3rd & 4th Subchapters

To celebrate Mother's Day, BLIA Toronto Mississauga 3rd and 4th Subchapters held a virtual Vietnamese food-sharing activity on May 2. This vegetarian sharing activity was the subchapters’ first online event. Mrs. Lisa Chan, the subchapter advisor, demonstrated how to make the Vietnamese delicacy mango salads and shred green papaya salads. Totally 89 members participated.


Lisa left Vietnam at the age of 12, mango salad and shred green papaya salad were the hometown food that her mother made most often. Lisa demonstrated the preparation step by step, and she explained how to choose proper ingredients for a rich nutrient salad. She also gave tips for the two salad dressings.


The Subchapters’ Guiding Venerable, Ven. Miao Tsun wished everyone a Happy Mother's Day and appreciated Lisa for her sharing. Ven. Miao Tsun pointed out that the salads were made of the original fruit juice and the natural ingredients will strengthen our immune system.


Subchapter President Louis Chan concluded that half of the subchapters’ members are South Asian immigrants, from places such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. He hoped that members could make their dishes and share them with family on Mother's Day.