The Warmth and Joyful Mobile Bathing Buddha Event Arranged by the BLIA Toronto North York Subchapter

To celebrate Fo Guang Shan 55th Anniversary, BLIA-Toronto North York Subchapter promoted the Global Simultaneous Sutra Transcription. For the sake of serving elderly members, the subchapter not only distributed the transcripts of the Heart Sutra to members by a self-owned SUV, but the SUV also brought nicely decorated mobile Buddha baths. The intention was to reach elderly members who were not good at using the Internet. Therefore, they can celebrate the Buddha’s Birthday and bathe Buddha in this difficult period.


All members followed the recommendations and guidelines of the government: wore masks, kept social distances and prepared disposable gloves for the elders. When the trunk door was opened, elders were surprised and moved by the thoughtful and caring idea. They invited their family to bathe Buddha together. All of them were filled with joy and appreciated the subchapter’s well and warm arrangement.